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I started out hating crocheting because couldn't figure it out, when my Mother was teaching me while I was pregnant with my daughter. I couldn't figure out what to get friends for Christmas, so I started to crochet and that year I made about 100 different kids of blankets and then just did one here and there after ward. It was about 4 years ago That I decide to create more for family and friends using new patterns that hadn't seen. The new blankets and such were an instant hit!

I also crocheted pillows for a few people along with blankets, shawls, headbands and scarf's, but I really love making them with the names in them because its never the same name. I also like creating pillows, blankets, scarves and purses with initials on them

When making a new creation, I will work with you to pick a design that works, such as a poncho, blanket or one of my many other items, then from there I can use just about any color that you would like to work with. You can choose from cotton, rayon or wool fibers in various thickness.

I'm just now starting to offer my creations as a business venture, you no longer "need to know somebody". This helps me to spend a bit more quality time with my kids who inspired my creations from day one!

I Like to work with challenging patterns and would be happy to consider any project that you have in mind. My creations are valued based on the time spent on the design, pattern and material used.

Please feel free to contact me at any of the following:

Kay Jimenez 818.982.9923


Thanks for visiting and I look forward to speaking with you soon!